Yingke Lawyer attent the work meeting of LAWASIA

2021-12-16 18:44:49

LAWASIA is an international organization of bar associations, individual lawyers, judges, legal scholars and other organizations focused on advancing the legal profession in the Asia Pacific region.


LAWASIA held an online meeting at noon on January 13. Lawyer Hao Huizhen, Founder of Yingke, attended the meeting as the Vice Chairperson of One Belt And One Road Committee of LAWASIA.


The meeting focused on the issues of establishing and organizing a committee in LAWASIA and promoting the healthy operation of the association. The vice presidents of LAWASIA held in-depth discussions on relevant issues and expressed their views. Chunghwan Choi, Chairperson of LAWASIA, chaired the meeting.

The 14 vice chairmen introduced themselves and expressed their opinions and suggestions according to their own national conditions and related issues.

In her speech, Miss. Hao first thanked LAWASIA for inviting 14 lawyers from Yingke to participate in the 2019 Asia Pacific Bar Association Annual Conference. She also agreed to the proposal of establishing more committees and expanding the membership of LAWASIA in the agenda of this meeting. She said that to develop the legal career in the Asia-Pacific region, it is necessary to form a network of professional lawyers, organize and hold more professional conferences and exchange activities, so that professional lawyers can share their experiences and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. She also suggests that: in order to better promote business exchanges, exchange of needed goods, learn from each other, in the meeting, it is suggested to use Chinese and English bilingual, in the publicity publications proposed to add Chinese section. Said at the same time, as a key area of country, China has a large number of outstanding professional lawyers and more talent, Yingke as large, also willing to use their influence to recommend more join the association of professional lawyers, and would like to drive in the asia-pacific region law development and contribute to the area to provide legal services in all the way.

Lawyer Hao's speech and suggestions were unanimously agreed by the host and participants.

At the end of the summary, the host said that this conference has established the next development direction and work tasks of LAWASIA, participants from various countries have reached a cooperative and win-win attitude of cooperation, looking forward to the promotion and implementation of the content of the conference, and also looking forward to the next online meeting.