About Us

YK Law Germany

We, the YK Law Rechtsanwalts-GmbH, are an independent law firm established in accordance with German law. In our first office in Düsseldorf, our Chinese and German lawyers are at your disposal with their expertise in all legal questions. Our lawyers will not only be trustworthy partners for you in legal affairs, but will also advise you holistically in all strategic aspects of your plans, projects and business ideas. We at YK Law have made it our motto to put the wishes and needs of our clients first and to give them the best legal advice.


In order to live up to this motto, we count as following to our big fives of the company’s philosophy: progressiveness, globalism, team affinity, transparency, professionalism.


We attach great importance to our corporate culture and our professional standards. The day-to-day work of our lawyers is strongly characterized by teamwork and internal communication. Experience and work results are shared in order to guarantee the most complete advices to our clients. In addition, we constantly monitor changes in the law and current case law in order to keep an eye on developments in the legal industry. We live up to our international orientation by being very closely associated with Yingke Law Firm. Yingke Law Firm is one of the largest law firms in the world, founded in China in 2001, and as of End of March 2023 it has 14,686 lawyers in 111 offices. We at YK Law Germany are proud members of the Yingke Global Lawyer Network, a global legal service group of the Yingke Law Firm. This also includes cooperation with numerous law firms in 183 different cities and more than 80 different countries. In this context, we offer all of Yingke's clients professional legal advice in Germany and the German-speaking countries in Europe. Conversely, thanks to this alliance, we offer all our German clients mediation within the network in order to comprehensively represent their global interests.


In our office in Düsseldorf we offer all those seeking legal advice competent, understanding and trustworthy advice in German, English or Chinese.