Labour Law

Labour law is the law applicable to the legal relationship between employer and employee. Its basic fact is dependent work. Not everyone who does work for others in a contractual relationship is subject to labour law, only those who do the work in the service of someone else, in a dependent relationship.

Labour law serves to create social justice while structuring working conditions in accordance with the law. The mutual dependence of modern industrial society excludes an autonomous existence of the individual. It is therefore the task of the legal system to realize the idea of freedom and equality under the functional requirements of production methods based on the division of labour.

The importance of labour law in Germany should not be underestimated and is often difficult to understand, especially for foreign employers. Legal advice is often necessary when a job is advertised in accordance with the AGG (General Equal Treatment Act). In addition, there are rules of conduct for the selection process for new employees and rules for the type, scope and remuneration of a job and its cancellation.