Inheritance and Family Law

Death accompanies life, casting its shadow on the path ahead, inevitable and final. As certain as death is, many people shy away from confronting the question of their own death or the death of loved ones. When someone dies, the heirs not only have to deal with their own grief, but also with the estate. This heavy burden can be considerably lightened and inheritance disputes avoided with a last will of the deceased that has been carefully prepared in advance. Taking the step of accepting your own passing will help your loved ones through a difficult time. So do not hesitate to contact us directly. We will advise you in an understanding, impartial, factually neutral and discreet manner.


Family law is also often the scene of emotional conflicts, where a solution-oriented approach is not always effective. We stand by your side as emphatic advisors in the most difficult moments. We help you with divorce proceedings and ancillary matters, with questions about custody and visitation rights for joint children, guardianship matters and living wills.